Meet the Models

At TWDance, we are very aware that sizing can be a headache for lots of women, both with dancewear and high street clothing. Most of us are not a single standard size, for example we may be a UK size 12 top and a size UK 14 bottom. This, in fact, is more often the case with all of us and it is the reason that fitting yourself for a suit is easier than finding a dress that fits well. With this in mind, we always use fabrics that hang and drape well and have considerable stretch. This means that we can size dresses as a Small/Medium, for example, because they will fit a size 10 and possibly up to a size 14 (and everything in between!). Of course, the dress will look different on a size 10 frame and a size 14 frame and this is where our models can help you.

To assist you in finding a dress that is right for you and your body shape, here is some information about our models. Our hope is that you will identify with one or more of them and you will therefore be able to imagine how our dresses will look on you.


This is Charlotte

  • Charlotte is 5ft 6”
  • Bust 35”
  • Waist 29”
  • Hips 36”
  • Shoulder seam to wrist 21”
  • Charlotte typically wears a UK size 10 top and a UK size 12 bottom
  • Charlotte is able to wear Small/Medium and Medium/Large TWDancewear
  • Her favourite dance is the Samba


This is Estelle

  • Estelle is 5ft 9”
  • Bust 35.5”
  • Waist 28”
  • Hips 34”
  • Shoulder seam to wrist 23”
  • Estelle typically wears a size UK 8 but often has to size up because of her height
  • Estelle is able to wear size XSmall/Small and Small/Medium in TWDancewear
  • Estelle’s favourite dance is the Cha Cha Cha


This is Ruth

  • Ruth is 5ft 8”
  • Bust 41.5”
  • Waist 36"
  • Hips 41"
  • Shoulder seam to wrist 22”
  • Ruth typically wears a UK size 14 
  • Ruth is able to wear size Medium/Large and Large+ TWDancewear
  • Ruth’s favourite dance is the Foxtrot