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 About TWDance

Based in leafy Northamptonshire, Tracey’s business began 25 years ago when she started making dancewear for her young daughter. As she experimented with each new creation, her skills and confidence developed and she soon had orders from other dance mums eager to see their daughters in well-fitting, beautiful and comfortable dresses. As the orders grew, so did Tracey’s business.

Today, she stocks up to 350 dresses and still gets a thrill from designing and seeing her creations on the competition dance floors of the world. Her aim is to offer the highest quality garments at affordable prices. She uses beautiful dance fabrics and high quality Precosia stones in the making of all of her dresses.

Still eager to help all the dance mums out there, Tracey also sells hundreds of items for people making their own dance garments - from appliqués to rhinestones and feathers.